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Good Natured Learning partners with schools to accelerate achievement of your strategic priorities through “🍎-a-day” doses of nature’s benefits integrated into your schools’ teaching and learning.

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Unlock nature’s benefits for your students, educators, & school!

🌿 Increase mental and physical wellness

🌿 Improve academic performance

🌿 Enhance social emotional & 21st Century skills

🌿 Create more equitable learning experiences

🌿 Cultivate a sense of agency to take action for the planet

Partnerships At-a-Glance

  • Fellowship: 2+ of your educators join us for an immersive, year-long professional development experience. They develop as “in house” teacher-leaders to implement, innovate, spread, and sustain 🍎-a-day nature in your school. 


  • Systems & Spaces Consulting: We collaborate with you on the design and adaptation of on-the-ground school systems and spaces to support learning outdoors.  

  • Community Engagement: We set up school leaders and Fellows to activate the many humans in the broader school “ecosystem” – families, neighbors, alumni, boards, and more – to understand and support nature-based learning in your school.


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