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Building Capacity

Supporting educators with skills, wellness, and systems for nature-based learning

Teaching Students Outdoors

4-hour, interactive, outdoor, in-person workshop

Who is it for? Educators who want to teach students outdoors in nearby nature. 

What will you do?

  • Explore research about nature based learning’s benefits 

  • Gain skills in planning and preparation, site selection, risk management, outdoor classroom management, and more!

  • Discover how to activate nearby-nature as a classroom

  • Experience instructional strategies you can use with your students!

  • Learn how to make nature based learning culturally responsive, equitable, and inclusive

Contact us to schedule a workshop for your school or community


Educator Wellness in Nature

3-hour, in-person wellness experience in a nearby nature setting

Who is it for? Educators hoping to feel better! 

What will you do? 

  • Practice experiential nature-based wellness 

  • Learn nature-based mindfulness activities 

  • Develop connections and camaraderie

Pair this workshop with Teaching Students Outdoors for a full-day experience.

Contact us to schedule a workshop for your school or community

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Brains on Nature Fellowship

Year-long paid fellowship with Retreat

Who is it for? PK-12 Educators (Teachers, Counselors, Administrators) who are you ready to be part of a professional community of Nature-Based Learning Champions across Colorado.

What will you do?

  • Participate in a 5-day, 4-night nature retreat - July 24-28 2023

  • Explore the theory and practice of Nature-Based Learning (NBL)

  • Join a year-long Professional Learning Community (includes 1.5-hour monthly virtual meetings)

  • Develop and implement a case study of practice to lead nature- based learning in your classroom/school/district

  • Become a Nature-based Learning Trainer Champion and facilitate the Teaching Students Outdoors workshop with colleagues

  • Attend and share at the annual Children & Nature Network conference (Date TBD, likely June 2024)

  • Become a leader in the broader nature-connected learning movement

Click here to learn more.

*The 2023-2024 cohort will be comprised of educators from partner districts. If your district is participating, they will share information about the Fellowship directly with all staff. 

**We still have room for more district partners in our 2023-2024 cohort. If you want to become a Fellow and/or think your district should be participating, reach out to Becca - 

School District Systems Design Consulting for Learning in Nearby Nature

Who is it for? School district leaders who want to make it easy for their teachers to teach and students to learn in nearby nature.*

Consulting packages include: 

  • A core set of best practices for supporting teaching & learning in nearby nature

  • Direct consulting to address questions and develop/customize best practices specific to your district

Contact us to explore systems consulting for your district!

*Nearby nature = within easy walking distance of school

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